Welcome to Wasauksing

Wasauksing First Nation strives to provide equal opportunities for all members of the community to develop, enhance, and succeed in economic growth while promoting the continued social, traditional, and spiritual development of its First Nation.

The First Nation community holds General Elections every two years to elect one Chief and five Councillors.

The programs and services that Wasauksing First Nation provides to its members, are provided though various community facilities, including:

  • the Wasauksing Administration Office and Community Complex
  • the Little Eagles Childcare Centre
  • the Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik
  • the Wasauksing Health Station
  • the Adult Learning Centre
  • the Wasauksing Elders Building
  • the Wasauksing Aboriginal Community Centre
  • the Wasauksing Elder's Residence

The community is comprised of 1073 band members, with about 379 living on-reserve. Overall, the community has a land base of 7,874 hectares.

Wasauksing First Nation is a community with a vision of the future that involves the use of information and communication technologies in new and innovative ways to empower its residents, institutions and its community as a whole.